My First Christmas

I got some new toys for my 1st Christmas … it was a lot of fun! One of my favorite new chew toys is my big Blue Bone that I got from my cousin Sandy. I was really pooped out after running around and chewing on my Bone, so I decided to take a nap … Dad caught me and took some pictures

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One Response to “My First Christmas”

  1. ann Says:

    Interested to see your site. I am considering a pup from Endless Mountain Labs (Sophie/Romeo) and am interested in any thoughts/advice you might have. We have never had an English style Lab before. We just started doing some research and have decided that the English Lab sounds perfect for us. We lost our beloved lab mix recently (rescue dog) and are getting ready to welcome a puppy into our lives. Brody is so handsome and looks like a lot of fun. I loved looking at his photos. Thanks!