Rest In Peace Brody


This afternoon our smart, handsome, loving boy Brody crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He was born Jan 22, 2008 at Endless Mt. Labradors and joined our family on March 15, 2008. He was such a cute puppy, with his famous “guy liner” eyes that would melt your heart. Brody was a lover, not a fighter and was content to just hang around where ever his people were. Always searching for, even just a sliver of, sunlight he would just lounge around and keep tabs on everything that was going on.

He loved to roam the yard, watch over his kingdom from the top deck on the house, take rides down to town to get the mail, go on walks … sniffing everything in sight. He never met a stick that tasted bad and that he didn’t like to chomp on. He LOVED to play in the snow, and got to spend some time rolling around in the 1st snowfall of the year last night – he was so happy!

Brody always traveled with us in the RV, making his home on the floor between the drivers and passengers seat. At night, he always seemed to make his way to the foot of our bed. He got to visit great places to explore and sniff. Taking trips with us all the way North to Niagara Falls, South to Virginia and everywhere in between, along with trips out west to North and South Dakota.

When we would return from our travels, he always knew when we were close to home and would perk up, looking out the window sniffing the air for the farm and cows that live next to us. He was definitely a country boy.

Brody attracted attention where ever we went. It didn’t matter if we were taking a walk, at a park, a campground, a race track, the dog park, a stroll down Main Street South – where ever he was he gave love to everyone he met, and received it in return.

He was an awesome big brother to his sister Maya – who joined us when he was 3, as well as a great cousin to Luna, Mally and Sandy.

Brody will be dearly missed by everyone he loved and those that loved and met him.

May the grass always be green where you roam, unless it’s snow you desire. May the sun shine on your belly and may you have a high deck to lounge on and overlook your kingdom.

Rest In Peace Brody Salvatore 1/22/08 – 12/3/19


Snow Day Fun!

We’ve gotten more than 4 feet of snow in the last week … I am having so much fun!!

A couple of new photos

I told Dad that he really needs to update my website, or let me on the computer … I mean geez, I don’t look like that little puppy anymore!

My First Christmas

I got some new toys for my 1st Christmas … it was a lot of fun! One of my favorite new chew toys is my big Blue Bone that I got from my cousin Sandy. I was really pooped out after running around and chewing on my Bone, so I decided to take a nap … Dad caught me and took some pictures

Stuck with the kiddie pool

It was a really hot day yesterday, so Mom setup the kiddie pool for me. It’s not as much fun as Sandy’s big pool, but I still get to splash around in the water.

I’m a little bigger now than the last time Mom & Dad took pictures by my kiddie pool

Labs_Love_Water_009.jpg        dsc01441.jpg